We contribute to the world manufacturing industry through the production and sales of the Air-Hyrauric Equipment.

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High Thrust Air Cylinder

Pneumatic Power Cylinder Pneumatic Power Cylinder
Pneumatic Power Cylinder is the air cylinder where large oil volume and high oil pressure generator and hydraulic cylinder are integrated into a compact size. Air pressure is employed to generate thrust unrestrainedly from 0.5 to 44 tons and also enables high speedoperation of 300mm per second. The options such as switches, valves, and oil leakage prevention etc., are also available to provide wide selections. Enormous cost reduction and high work efficiency can be achieved by switching from a hydraulic unit to a Pneumatic Power Cylinder.
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Power Pack Cylinder Power Pack Cylinder
Power Pack Cylinder is the air cylinder where high oil pressure generator and hydraulic cylinder are integrated into a compact size. By adjusting air pressure, it can unrestrainedly generate high thrust of 0.5 to 8 tons. Strokes are available in lengths of 5mm to 35mm to perform high reciprocating motions of more than 50 strokes per minute.
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Pneumatic-Hydraulic Conversion Booster and Related Equipment

Pneumatic Booster Pneumatic Booster
Pneumatic Booster utilizes solely air pressure to generate high oil pressure of 21MPa and a large volume of low oil pressure. Hydraulic cylinders can easily be controlled via air pressure solenoid. Hydraulic cylinders for concomitant and exclusive use are also available.
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Rush Booster Rush Booster
Rush Booster can continuously increase oil pressure operation by adjusting air pressure. It can generate 2 to 40MPa of oil pressure at 0.4MPa of air pressure under the normal conditions. Best suited for short-strokes of mechanisms such as clamping devices and high thrust hydraulic cylinder operations.
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Stop Valve Stop Valve
The shut off valve of large flow type for hydraulic pressure.
When used in combination with Pneumatic Booster, it can be an intermediate stop such as emergency stop, inching. Since large flow type and does not impair the performance of the Pneumatic Booster.
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Hydraulic Cylinders for Air and Oil Pressure

Hydraulic Cylinders Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic Cylinder is low pressure operating type designed for our pneumatic-hydraulic conversion equipment. Even if it is used with air pressure and hydraulic pressure, the stable movement and performance are maintained.
JIS standard tie rod type, lightweight and compact aluminum body type.
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Floating Joint for Cylinder

Floating Connector Floating Connector    Surface treatment will be changed from blue painting.
Floating Connector absorbs eccentricity and parallel displacement between a cylinder and a workpiece. Unique swinging feature and shaft fulcrum sliding mechanism protect the joint section of the cylinder and the device, and provide smooth operation and longer life of the device.

Air Cylinder with Brakes

Sellock Cylinder Sellock Cylinder
Integrated with long-life accurate mechanical brakes that release air to air cylinders at low pressure. Best suited for accurate halting or drop prevention during the operation. Braking accuracy is within 1mm during 300mm per second operation.
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Mechanical Lock-Type Brakes

Linea Brake Linea Brake
Linea Brake utilizes solely the brake function of the air cylinder with the brakes (Sellock Cylinder) independent. Brake system instantaneously responds when air is released. Increases safety features such as halting and drop prevention during the operation. Braking accuracy is within 1mm during 300mm per second operation.
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Vacuum Pad with Lock Function

Free Lock Pad Free Lock Pad
A position and an angle will be fixed and conveyed if a workpieces is held. It is the revolution of the vacuum pad unit for handling which does not need a standard guide.
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Clamp Tool for Air and Oil Pressure

Auto Clamper Auto Clamper
Pressure source can be selected since the Auto Clamper is dual-purposed for oil and air pressure. Possesses the ability to stretch arms forward to clamp. Best suited for limited apace installation.
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Disk Spring Type Clamp Tool

Selnut Selnut
Utilizes powerful disk springs to ensure steady clamping force. This is a safety product that will not slip off with vibration during clamping, piping failures or electric power failures.
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Clothing Belt for Carding and Cutting

Card Clothing Belt Card Clothing Belt
It is mainly used for Carding machine (Carding) and Recycle processor. A quenched needle is inserted into cloth belt, we can supply the length of the cloth belt from several meters to several hundred meters.

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