We contribute to the world manufacturing industry through the production and sales of the Air-Hyrauric Equipment.

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Privacy policy

HIROTAKA MFG. CO.,LTD.(hereinafter the "HIROTAKA"), complies with laws and regulations related to the protection of Personal Information and its Personal Information Protection Policy established herebelow, and takes the utmost care in handling such information, to maintain trust in HIROTAKA.

  1. HIROTAKA shall comply with laws and regulations of Japan related to the protection of your Personal Information.

  2. When HIROTAKA collects any Personal Information, HIROTAKA will specify the purpose of its use, and will collect the information through the fair and legal means.

  3. HIROTAKA will use Personal Information only for the business purpose that we have indicated when collecting. If HIROTAKA wishes to use Personal Information beyond the original purpose that we have indicated, HIROTAKA shall obtain an approval from the individual to whom such Personal Information relates (hereinafter "Owner"), except as allowed by relevant laws and regulations.

  4. When handling Personal Information, HIROTAKA shall strive to strictly manage Personal Information to prevent its illegal access, loss, falsification or leakage.

  5. HIROTAKA will inform of this Policy to all of its directors, officers and employees, to ensure that each of them understands the importance of the Policy and conducts him or herself in an appropriate manner to follow the Policy.

  6. HIROTAKA will abide by laws and regulations applicable to the Personal Information held by this website, and will endeavor to improve through regular reviews the provisions in this Privacy policy.

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