We contribute to the world manufacturing industry through the production and sales of the Air-Hyrauric Equipment.

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   We will deal with special specifications as much as possible.
   Please contact our distributors or directly.

   The example of special specifications
   1.The shape of piston rod's top, length.
   2.The cylinder thrust by special boost ratio of air-hydoro converter, the booster of special boost ratio.
   3.The products that is available in an environment where water and cutting oil are scattered directly.
   4.The products that is available in an environment where the ambient temperature becomes high.
   5.The special position of piping port, cushion needle position, specification of accessory.
   6.Using fluid othe than standard oil.

   We give the identification numbers to a special products and manege all products.s

   Our distributors

   Inquiry E-MAIL support@hirotaka.co.jp  Inquiry FAX +81-52-991-6115