We contribute manufacturing industry through the production and sales of the Air-Hyrauric Equipment to the world.

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The compressed air which is indispensable on the manufacturing site in the world.
Our products will support the manufacturing industry which are a friendly to "human" "things" and "environment" using the convenience and the safety.

  • High power Air cylinder
  • Pneumatic-hydraulic conversion devices and its related equipment
  • Hydraulic Cylinder for Air-hydro
  • To thmoothly rectilinear movement
  • Lock cylinder for safty and positioning
  • Shaft lock system for safty and positioning
  • Vaccum pad with lock mechanism
  • Compact clamper
  • Carding of cotton and wool


Apr/12/2021 Notice of discontinued product
Some models of SELLOCK CYLINDER and LINEA BRAKE will be discontinued.
Information is here.
Sep/2/2019 "Moving pictures HIROTAKA products" Update
Flip drawings of FLV series "Free Lock Pad" were added.
Please check the action.
Aug/7/2017 Surface Treatment Change Notice (FLOATING CONNECTOR)
Surface treatment of FC series will be changed from blue painting.
Dec/5/2016 Catalog Update (Pneumatic Power Cylinder)
Pneumatic Power Cylinder catalog was updated.
Fall prevention valve was added.
Outside Shape Dimensional Drawing were added.
May/24/2016 Catalog Update (Hydraulic Cylinder)
Hydraulic Cylinder catalog was updated.
Sep/2/2015 "Moving pictures HIROTAKA products" Update
Flip drawings of PC series "Pneumatic Power Cylinder" were added.
Please check the action.
Jan/28/2015 "Cycle time" Update
Cycle time calculation system for Pneumatic Booster were added.
Jan/21/2015 Catalog Update (Auto Clamper)
Electrical entry direction and specifications of auto switch changed.
Nov/23/2014 New homepage update
Feb/23/2012 Catalog Update
Main products catalog were revised.
Rush Booster manual were revised.
Oct/29/2010 More kinds of auto awitch were added
Solid state auto switch (H2ME) were added.
Note: This type has mounting compatibility with read auto switch (RS-6).
Apr/16/2010 Catalog Update (Rush Booster)
More kinds of Rush Booster were added.
Jun/09/2009 Catalog Update (Free Lock Pad, Hydraulic Cylinder, Needle Belt)
Type of Hydraulic Cylinder were added.
Information about Needle Belt were added.
Apr/08/2008 Catalog Update (Pneumatic Power Cylinder)
A part of catalog changed.
Dec/15/2007 Environment-friendly product
All products are available for EU-RoHS compliant.
Jul/31/2007 New Product
Swing vacuum pad with lock mechanism (Free Lock Pad)
Sep/22/2006 Catalog Update (Pneumatic Power Cylinder)
Demention of Pneumatic Power Cylinder (PCS PCH series with operation valve) changed.
Sep/28/2005 Catalog Update (Pneumatic Booster)
New catalog of Hydraulic cylinder (THC SHC series) is ready.
Please confirm specification and dimention.
Aug/03/2005 Important Information
Dimentions of high pressure pipe (Rush Booster RB160 1:28, 1:65) changed.
Aug/01/2005 Important Information
Dimentions of Rush Booster (RB series) and Hydraulic Cylinder (THC series) changed.
The customers who designs it, please download new drawing.
Mar/18/2005 Important Information
Note for Hydraulic cylinder (THC series) customers

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